4 Ways Your Business Can Use Self-Storage

Published on 3/20/2018

A majority of office workers believe that being organized. However, almost half admit to being unorganized, mainly because many don’t know where to start.

Businesses and employees who don’t know where to start when decluttering their work space can begin by utilizing a self-storage unit. This can help store extra inventory and supplies, free up office space, and archive important documents.

Below we provide four self-storage solutions that can help businesses declutter and improve productivity.

Document Storage

Businesses are often required to keep sensitive documents on file. However, this can be a security concern if they aren’t stored appropriately and securely.

A self-storage unit can provide a secure and cost-effective way for businesses to archive confidential documents, such as employment and tax records.

To reduce clutter on-site and ensure files are stored safely, businesses should consider facilities that offer and . These features create peace of mind for business owners storing important documents and safeguard files from theft and discoloration:

  • 24/7 video surveillance.
  • Appropriate temperature and humidity settings.
  • Passcode entry gates.
  • Individual locks and alarms.

Restaurant Storage

Restaurant owners can better organize and manage their business by storing seasonal equipment, furniture and inventory in self-storage units. Oftentimes, there is not enough space on-site to safely and effectively store their seasonal and current items.

To create a spacious and more comfortable environment for employees and patrons, restaurants should store these items when they are not in use:

  • Dishware.
  • Excess inventory.
  • Janitorial supplies.
  • Kitchen supplies.
  • Non-perishable food items.
  • Patio furniture.
  • Seasonal decorations.

Additionally, restaurants can utilize a self-storage unit to preserve their wine collection in a premium wine cellar, which provides safety features, including: 

  • 24/7 surveillance.
  • A backup generator in the case of a power outage.
  • Individual alarms.
  • Optimal temperature and humidity levels (56 degrees and between 60% to 70% relative humidity).

Short-Term Storage

Businesses looking to renovate or relocate can utilize a self-storage unit to temporarily store items during the process. These businesses should also select a storage facility that offers professional moving truck valet services to alleviate stress and improve organization.

Specific needs may vary from business to business, so it’s best to select a facility that offers a variety of unit sizes to accommodate all your business possessions. While undergoing construction or moving, businesses can store items, such as:

  • Break room appliances (e.g., coffee maker, toaster, microwave).
  • Cubicle dividers.
  • Desktop computers.
  • File cabinets and documents.
  • Furniture (e.g., desks, chairs and couches).
  • Office supplies (e.g., copy paper, folders and printers).
  • Office decor.

If your business is unable to use its current or future facility during a renovation or relocation, consider a storage facility that offers on-site conference rooms to accommodate your needs in the interim (see next section for more information).

Onsite Business Conference Center

In addition to reliable storage for physical assets, businesses should choose a storage vendor that offers solutions to help increase productivity. If you need additional space for larger meetings or want a change of setting, work with a storage provider that offers fully equipped business conference centers.

For added convenience, these conference centers offer:

  • A comfortable work environment.
  • Computer, printer, fax and phone access.
  • Large screen monitors and laptop adapter.
  • Wi-Fi connection.

For businesses in transition between two locations, contact your self-storage vendor to verify if deliveries during business hours can be accepted on your behalf. That way, your mail will be directed to a single location to ensure you receive all deliveries safely. 

In short, even businesses with diverse needs can benefit from utilizing a self-storage unit to safeguard their assets. These units provide a secured place to store items from sensitive documents to wine, allowing businesses to ensure their belongings are protected while they focus on their job responsibilities.