How to Choose the Right Storage Unit Size

Published on 4/28/2017

It's important to choose the right size storage unit to avoid paying extra for space you don't need or worse: not having enough space for your belongings. The best way to rent the right size unit is to first make an inventory of the items you will store, including appliances, boxes, furniture, and anything with an odd shape that can't be stored in a box. Next, check the most common unit size below to estimate the size you need

10x10 Storage Units

A 10x10 unit is about the size of half of a one-car garage. You can fit everything in a large living room or two full bedrooms as well as many medium-sized boxes. This size is perfect for a two-bedroom apartment or household equipment.

10x15 Storage Units

This is about the size of half of a garage with enough space for three bedrooms and many large items like couches, tables, large televisions, and pianos. This size is most common for storing a three-bedroom house or a full apartment's worth of belongings.

10x20 Storage Units

This size is close to a one-car garage with enough space for a two-bedroom home. You will have space for a couch, a washer/dryer set, a refrigerator, and a dining room set. This is a good size for storing everything in a large garage or a four-bedroom house.

10x25 Storage Units

This size is a good choice for homes with more than three bedrooms or everything in a large garage. You will have space for a fully furnished three-bedroom home, including large furniture, an entertainment center, and a washer and dryer set.

10x30 Storage Units

This large storage unit can hold everything in a two-bedroom home plus a car, or a five-bedroom fully-furnished home.

10x40 Storage Units

Storage for personal or commercial use, parking of vehicles, boats, trailers, and recreational vehicles

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